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Cash for Your Classroom

Here I go again...printing out new worksheets for tomorrows class, I feel like the unpopular student in my class having his milk money stolen. I want to help teach these new sponge-like minds, but do I have to sacrifice my after school drink money? With each page I have to print I count the ounces of wine that have been ripped from my test grading fingers. With the never ending sound of the ink cartridge racing back and forth my mind wanders to the trip my selfish, non-educator friends are planning, what if I were to press cancel...could I go with them?

Then like a light from above, when I came to from the entrancing hum of the printer I noticed an ad, Dry Erase Pockets you say? I went from a penny pinching scrooge, which reverence none of my students understood, to a happy well functioning member of society. I no longer deem my associates rich brats, for I too have found the key. With these pockets I can use the same worksheets day after day...nay, year after year! math science, physics, history, art...none of it has robbed me of the Caribbean...where I now find myself this summer. A drink in my hand, waves crashing around me, and a cute local eyeing I write this memo to all my fellow teachers, buy Office Orchid's Dry Erase Pockets! You too will change your financial situation, and your life.

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