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I did it all for the Nature!

How many copies did I just print? I am embarrassed to even write the number here, you can let your imagination wander. As each page shoots out of this well worn machine I start to dream of all the little baby, innocent, oxygen producing, lovable trees I just murdered...was it one? Two? Surely I couldn't live with myself if I killed two. You think that their little cremated remains can still recycle our office air?

For years I convinced myself this was the only way, those Japanese Maples kamikaze'd their life so the rest of us could send memos as we please! Then I found the truth! Those greedy lumberjacks had been tricking us this whole time, there was a way to save my little lemon tree in the front yard...Dry Erase Pockets. Never has one product so revolutionized the office, sure maybe Apple, but that's it. I can use my same sheets over and over, memos, notes, reviews, tickets, invoices, the options are endless. Like the sap was finally cleared from my eyes I could see the answer. No longer would I kill the nature of my mom, no longer stand behind stinky bob in the print queue, no longer would I lose documents only to reprint them. Organized and organic I stand tall!

Buy Office Orchid's Dry Erase Pockets, then you too can stand up on your desk defiantly, holding up high your ripped out keyboard "print" key.

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