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Protect Your Paperwork!!

Ah...finished. I had been working on this report all day, or so it had seemed. Mind numbing, that is what it is, manually writing these things down, but you need a hard copy, so I simply put my head down and finished. I am such a dedicated employee, so hard working...that's what I mulled over in my mind as I poured my third cup of coffee. No doubt it would all be worth it, all my toiling would be rewarded. Who would have thought one little bump as I leaned back would change my day. It felt like slow motion, watching the cup of freshly brewed goodness go from my reward to my nemesis. I could feel tears welling up, hours of work gone, why was I so foolish? Why would anyone put a liquid near there precious files?

In my moment of agony I look over to see my co-worker laughing...the shame. I consoled my anger meditating on the fact he must be mentally off, most likely the type of individual who also finds enjoyment in watching puppy's suffer. But in his evil hand he held something, what was it? Colorful, clean, organized...As he tossed it into my lap I saw my salvation. Never would I have to endure this agonizing feeling again. Office Orchid Dry Erase Pockets.

Sometimes I spill my water on purpose and snicker to myself as my documents stay safe inside. Sure maybe I have gone to the other extreme, I use them for everything...but then again, you will too once you get your hands on these miracles.

So to all you poor people who have been through the trials I have, or to those smart enough to prepare beforehand and avert them, buy some.

See the magic for yourself at

or just trust me and go straight to purchasing them at

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