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Solve ALL Your Paper Issues!

It seems to take hours to clean up and organize my desk, but only seconds to destroy it! For years I was trying to find a way to better de-clutter my space. When I came across Dry Erase Pockets I knew the heavens had opened up and brought me the answer! In one multicolored, durable swoop I can store pens and documents in a clean, fashionable way. The oversized design of these pockets allows even my large Neanderthal hands to easily take papers in and out. I can make notes on the cover and wipe them clean in a second. If only there was a Dry Erase Pocket solution for all of my life's problems.

Like the ipod replacing a record player, Dry Erase Pockets have replaced all my outdated manila folders, changing my life forever. With all the minutes I save each day with my new found organizer I have time to wonder what to use them for...a movie? kids? spouse? ...or should I keep this new found miracle a selfish secret?

If like me, you seek a inexpensive, lasting solution to your paper problems, I suggest Office Orchid's Dry Erase Pockets, available on Amazon Now!

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